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Our first product candidate, Gelesis100, is a breakthrough hydrogel therapy to fulfill the unmet need for a treatment that can safely induce significant weight loss. Gelesis100 was developed for people who are overweight or have obesity, as well as individuals with impaired fasting glucose and diabetes who could particularly benefit from weight reduction but for whom weight loss is often a challenge. We believe that a safe, effective treatment for obesity and diabetes (two of the largest health problems in the world) would have a major impact on human health.

Gelesis100 is designed to trigger several important weight loss mechanisms in the stomach and small intestine.

Gelesis100 uses a highly engineered and proprietary patented hydrogel whose components are made from 2 naturally derived ingredients.

We believe Gelesis100 represents a potential alternative approach designed to act in specific ways throughout the gastrointestinal tract.

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Mechanism of Action

How Gelesis Works: Take capsule with water

Gelesis capsules are administered with water prior to a meal

How Gelesis Works: Capsule particles released

Particles are released and expand in stomach by absorbing water

How Gelesis Works: Particles mix with food

Particles mix homogenously with food and are designed to enhance satiety due to increased volume and elasticity of stomach contents

How Gelesis Works: Gastric delayed emptying content

Increased elasticity of stomach contents designed to delay gastric emptying as stomach contents flow into small intestine

How Gelesis Works: Insuline absorption slows

Particles may slow down glucose absorption and restore the mucosa and epithelial barrier

Key safety feature: Controlled hydration

Particles partially degrade in the large intestine, water is released and reabsorbed by the body, and particles are removed from the body