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Targeting the genesis of chronic disease with novel hydrogel technology

By targeting the GI pathway, Gelesis has the potential to transform how chronic diseases are treated. In contrast with existing approaches that treat symptoms, Gelesis targets GI-related diseases at their source cause.

The Gelesis Platform

Gelesis has developed a proprietary hydrogel platform designed to leverage mechanotransduction along the GI tract to alter the course of chronic diseases safely and effectively.

The Gelesis platform technology also allows for the design of specific properties of the hydrogel to maximize the potential benefit for different indications.

The mechanisms of action may have far-reaching effects, including:

Inducing satiety to reduce caloric intake and induce weight loss

Improving glycemic control

Reducing inflammation associated with GI disorders

The proprietary Gelesis platform is the first and only superabsorbent hydrogel made exclusively from naturally-derived food ingredients.

Key Features

Products developed with the novel Gelesis hydrogel platform are designed to be non-systemic, non-stimulant and not absorbed by the body. FDA has designated the components of the hydrogel as GRAS, or Generally Recognized as Safe

Controlled Hydration

Improving Tolerability
Hydrogel volume limited to fluids present in the GI tract, as well as hydration capacity of the hydrogel

Non-Clustering Particles

Reducing Risk of Obstruction
Small particles do not stick together and have similar elastic response as ingested solid foods

Natural Degradation

Reducing Risk of Dehydration or Diarrhea
Digestive enzymes in the large intestine degrade 3D structure, releasing water, which is reabsorbed by the body

The most common side effects observed in clinical trials with Gelesis100/Gelesis200 were gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain, or diarrhea.