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Targeting the body's natural GI processes to treat the genesis of chronic disease

Gelesis is a biotechnology company developing a novel category of potential therapies for GI-related chronic diseases including obesity, NAFLD/NASH, IBD and type 2 diabetes by targeting the natural processes of the GI pathway.

Utilizing our novel hydrogel platform technology and the emerging science of mechanobiology, we are developing innovative approaches to target the cause of those epidemics rather than just improving their symptoms. Our first-in-class products are designed to trigger multiple mechanisms throughout the GI system related to satiety, glycemic control, gut permeability and inflammation. We are a multi-disciplinary team, highly motivated and committed to making a difference in the fight against modern chronic diseases. We believe that the GI system holds the key to many of the world’s largest epidemics. Modern lifestyle is the main cause of diseases such as obesity, diabetes or NASH. We believe we can empower people to improve and change their diet, lifestyle and health.

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